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Prestressed Concrete Products

Precision-Hayes International branded products are trusted and recognized names in the industry. We provide over 400 anchorage products, including wedges, chucks and anchor plates. SURELOCK® and SURE-LOCK II® single strand anchorage systems and the POSI-LOCK® encapsulated anchorage systems meet the requirements of the International Code Council's (ICC) Acceptance Criteria 303.

Anchorage and Barrier Products
Hydraulic Tensioning Jacks
Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps

Tendon Finishing Tools
Strand Processing Equipment

Encapsulated Control Lines (ECL-Extrusion)

Encapsulated Control Line-ECL provides wear and corrosion resistance to a number of down-hole and other applications. Tube diameters from 1/8th to 3 inches can be encapsulated, along with a number of fiber-optic, and wire devices. Many encapsulating materials can also be employed, depending on the unique requirements of the application.

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